Jose - Software Engineer, Vancouver
I met with Karina for a week of AT sessions while I was visiting New York on vacation. I had been experiencing great discomfort in my legs while sitting at work. I was happy to connect with her, as she helped me make my pain go away. I was pleasantly surprised when she didn't solely focus on my 'work posture', but she taught me additional things, such as, how to walk, climb stairs, and run with proper technique. Her teachings and awareness spread into many areas of my life and they contribute everyday to my well-being.

Emese - Violinist/Vocalist/School Teacher, NYC
After many years of poor posture which directly affected my singing and teaching, I decided to start Alexander Technique sessions with Karina. Over the past 4 months, my posture has noticeably improved and, better yet, I can feel and hear a huge difference in my singing and speaking voice. Karina's dedication to her craft is evident in her clear and effective instructions. She has taught me a variety of techniques to help me practice and improve my posture outside of our sessions. I have learned a great deal from her and highly recommend her!

Julie - Musician, NYC
Karina's lessons are relaxing and informative. She is a kind, understanding, intelligent person who helped me deepen my understanding of my body and it's capabilities. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in AT.Jeff, NYCJune 2, 2013Karina is an extraordinary Alexander teacher who enables her clients to move more naturally, freely and efficiently. Her intelligence, awareness and dedication are unparalleled. I feel blessed to have connected with her.

Joshua, NYC
After several sessions with Karina, my posture noticeably improved. More importantly my back pain went away. She's very efficient and straightforward in her understanding of the body, and conveys all that information into practical usage. It's nice to go back for a tuneup every once in a while as well.

Gabrielle Fink - Violinist, NYC
Karina invests her entire being in every session. She listens not only to my body, but to my mind and in her incredibly poised and calm way, she encourages me to move and think in an easier, more ergonomic way. When I enter her studio, I feel like I've entered a place of zen - quiet and sun - drenched, and in New York City, that is very hard to find. I would recommend her to all of my friends and family.

Daniel Hassid - Real Estate, NYC
My posture is substantially better after seeing Karina. I know because of all the compliments I have received. Of course, the other benefit is that my back feels great.

Ben Dattner - Author, NYC
Karina is very good at what she does, listening carefully to her clients and paying close attention to their muscles, posture, bearing, and balance. She has a calming presence and is kind and supportive, both literally and figuratively. After you spend time with her, you feel the benefits immediately during your session and then for a long time afterwards. I highly recommend her.

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