the forces of the universe support those who work at healing themselves
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Transformational Teaching


A graduate of Barnard College of Columbia University, Karina completed a double degree in History and Italian Literature in 2001. Her Lifetime passion for classical music and the arts led her to pursue a singing/theatrical career for many years, within which, she consistently studied and applied both bel canto vocal technique, and the postural re-education modality known as The Alexander Technique. Along the way, she acquired much experience teaching and tutoring, earning an ESL certification in Prague, Czech Republic in 2003, as well as, completing her A.T. Teacher Training in 2009, at The American Ctr for The Alexander Technique. Near the end of her three year long A.T. Teacher Training, she was introduced to the art of Crystal Healing by master A.T. Teacher, Vivien Schapera. Stunned and exhilarated by the experience, she enrolled in Four Winds Academy’s Healing Arts New York Chapter where she learned Shamanism, Crystal Healing, Crystal Surgery, profound Energy Work, Metaphysical Anatomy, and Multi (Extra) Sensory Awareness, graduating in 2013.

Eventually, Karina discovered her Soul’s Contract to guide pupils towards wholeness of being, authenticity, and psycho-physical alignment. Karina synthesized her expertise in Vocal, Movement & Energy techniques to create Transformational Teaching in 2015. She combines mostly the Alexander Technique, Crystal Healing & Oracle Divination to achieve a healing integration for her students. Karina has a bi costal private practice with Transformational Teaching, and also enjoys teaching group classes, workshops, youth camps, and leading retreats, all over the world.